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Finding tax accounting solutions to our clients complex issues

By providing accurate and detailed financial data, HRSS allows clients to gain a complete picture of their business’s performance and financial solvency. Consistent and accurate tax accounting practices provide clients an understanding of their operations and the opportunities available to optimize profitability.

These accounting services are the starting points for regulatory compliance, tax planning, auditing, and advanced financial analysis. Without accurate and accessible accounting records, rigorous internal controls, and compliant accounting procedures, businesses will overspend money, time, and effort just to meet their legal obligations.

However, by outsourcing accounting services to HRSS, clients can leverage from our experience and knowledge without incurring the costs of an in-house accounting department. This allows our clients to focus on their core competency while still receiving top-level accounting and finance expertise.

HRSS’s accounting services include:

  • Accounting
  • Payroll services and sales & use tax compliance
  • Sales tax return preparation and filing

Leverage HRSS’s Tax Accounting Services

Our accounting services ensure that clients receive accurate and complete financial data. This enables them to maximize their performance and develop a road map for financial success. HRSS’s accounting services can form the backbone of any plan to take a business to the next level of financial performance. These services create the framework for:

  • Auditing financial statements
  • Complying with tax regulations
  • Providing valuable insight into both deficiencies and opportunities in a business’s operations

The HRSS accounting services team provides advice and planning to develop and implement an accounting plan that ensures compliance and produces actionable insight into a client’s business. To learn more about the accounting services we offer, contact us.


Accounting Services

As trusted advisors, our clients gain a higher level of insight

For many small and medium businesses, a robust and efficient accounting system defines the difference between success and failure. HRSS Accounting Services provide our clients with thorough, accurate financial data – the foundation of maximum profitability. We pride ourselves on impeccable recordkeeping and timely financial reporting, which is essential to any business’s growth, allowing them to take advantage of opportunities while staying in compliance with financial and tax authorities. Our extensive expertise enables us to offer our clients creative solutions and assist with plan implementation.

Our accounting professionals go beyond simply managing the books. As trusted advisors, our clients gain a higher level of insight from our consultative services and optimize their core competencies while we focus on the financials.

Working with companies of every size in a wide range of industries, HRSS understands the complex tax, audit, and financial challenges that your business faces from changes in the economy, increased regulations, and changes in accounting rules. We dive in to the particulars of each client’s industry, keeping clients updated on all relevant changes to the tax law and reporting requirements. With HRSS on their team, clients achieve sensible cash flow and full compliance, as well as smooth transitions when they face the inevitable shifts in operations and strategy inherent in every business venture.

HRSS helps you navigate new standards and regulations.

Depending on the client’s need, HRSS’s professionals can develop an accounting framework for clients that complies with:

  • Generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP)
  • International financial reporting standards (IFRS)
  • Other Comprehensive Basis of Accounting (OCBOA)

Using our range of experience across industries and sectors, we can then tailor the accounting plan to the client’s industry-specific needs. HRSS’s accounting framework meets the applicable accounting standards for our client’s businesses to ensure compliance with state and federal agencies. Our experience and expertise in varied industries enable us to design and implement customized solutions in line with the business’s needs.

The process does not stop after preparing a plan – we assist our clients to implement it and provide guidance and support until the accounting framework is successfully integrated. For clients who have an in-house accounting team, we offer QuickBooks consulting and training for personnel to enable them to produce accurate and timely accounting records. Moreover, as new laws, regulations, and standards evolve, HRSS keeps clients updated so they can work together as a team to maintain compliance while optimizing the client’s financial health.

For more information on how HRSS can improve your business’s accounting operations and help you make informed decisions with our high-level guidance, contact us today.


Payroll Services

Outsource your payroll: It's cost-effective and a time saver

Employees are a company’s most valued asset and are also one of the largest expenses reported on the financial statements. For many businesses (including small businesses), the time and effort for managing and filing payroll can often require a staff member dedicated to payroll. Moreover, the risks that arise from inaccurate payroll management and filing make it a perfect target for outsourcing. HRSS can take over the burden of payroll management and payroll filing. From onboarding to separation, we can manage payroll records and ensure payroll processing is accurate, complete, and complies with federal and state laws. We also ensure that payroll filings are done accurately and on a timely basis to reduce the risk of enforcement actions and tax assessments substantially.

A typical payroll service contract with HRSS includes:

  • Developing an onboarding process to ensure that employees’ tax information is collected according to tax regulations
  • Advising the client on developing a payroll schedule and tax payment schedule
  • Creating and implementing a framework for processing payroll that is customized to the client’s industry-specific needs
  • Generating and storing employee payroll records
  • Developing and implementing a process for payroll filings and tax payments

HRSS can help you identify the payroll solutions that meet your business’s needs. 


Sales & Use Tax Compliance

Sales tax can present many pitfalls for businesses.

Overlapping, and sometimes contradictory, regulations from state and local tax authorities complicate compliance. Moreover, aggressive enforcement by cash-strapped state and municipal governments has greatly amplified the risks associated with sales tax return preparation and filing.

HRSS has experience across industries and sectors and understands how sales and use tax rules, policies, and enforcement processes are applied by state and local tax agencies. We assist clients by developing a sales tax compliance plan that ensures sales tax returns are prepared accurately, on time, and in compliance with the sales tax regulations across states and localities. We believe that an effective sales tax compliance plan reduces the risk of regulatory audits, and if they do happen, allows the client to have confidence in the records and procedures needed to address any assessments. Additionally, a sales tax preparation and filing strategy can improve cash flow by making sales tax assessments more predictable.

HRSS also provides sales and use tax audit services. These are tailored for clients who have already received an audit notice, or clients who need a compliance review to implement a sales tax preparation and filing program to reduce its audit exposure.

The HRSS accounting services team provides advice and planning to develop and implement an accounting plan that ensures compliance and produces actionable insight into a client’s business. To learn more about the accounting services we offer, contact us.


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