Manufacturing & Distribution


The face of manufacturing and distribution is changing radically.

Globalization has brought great benefits and great challenges to the manufacturing and distribution industry. Access to new markets around the world has afforded the industry new customers. However, it has also subjected manufacturers and distributors to a web of diverse problems arising from tariffs, labor rules, health and safety laws, tax regulations, antitrust laws, and financial disclosure regulations.

Manufacturing and distribution industry clients that benefit from HRSS’s services come from many sectors, including:

  • Textile and apparel
  • Consumer goods
  • Food and beverage
  • Electronics
  • Heavy and light equipment
  • Chemicals

The manufacturing and distribution industry faces challenges. Supply chain disruptions, labor and material shortages, and rising costs of operations have forced the industry to search for ways to optimize profits in an uncertain environment.

These and other disruptions are likely to continue. Healthcare, retirement plans, tariffs, and taxes for manufacturers will remain unsettled due to policy shifts, regulatory evolution, natural disasters, trade disputes, global events, and broad economic forces.

By identifying and analyzing how these issues impact its manufacturing and distribution clients, HRSS can provide unique insights into the client’s business. HRSS knows that manufacturers and distributors work on razor-thin margins. By providing information to reduce costs, streamline production and operations, lower inventory, and optimize tax strategies, HRSS helps manufacturers and distributors maximize profits.


Let us help you navigate through the challenges of Manufacturing industry uncertainties.


How HRSS Serves Manufacturing and Distribution Businesses

Cross-Border Compliance

HRSS has experience with financial regulations throughout the world. We can ensure financial compliance across jurisdictional and geographic borders.

Strategic Advising

HRSS can help manufacturing and distribution industry clients plan for significant events like international and domestic expansion, stock offerings, mergers, and acquisitions. We can also help businesses plan for transactions like capital investments into equipment.

HRSS tailors its strategies for manufacturing and distribution businesses by considering:

  • Cost of labor
  • Equipment and technology costs
  • Supply of raw materials
  • Supply chain management
  • International competition
  • Production costs

Streamlining Operations

HRSS provides manufacturing and distribution businesses the financial data to identify areas in need of improvement. For example, we have experience helping manufacturing clients develop inventory management systems to avoid tying up capital in idle inventory.

Tax Planning

HRSS understands how manufacturers can use tax credits, deductions, and depreciation to minimize tax liability.

Benefit from HRSS’s Expertise in the Manufacturing and Distribution Industry

Accounting and financial services from HRSS provide manufacturing and distribution businesses with complete and accurate financial data. This provides clients with the tools to develop a plan for financial success.

A complete picture of the performance of, and risks to, a manufacturing or distribution business enables financial audits that can help secure loans, attract investors, and smooth mergers and acquisitions. Moreover, financial data from HRSS can show a manufacturer or distributor where its costs can be reduced and risks can be lowered.

HRSS services for manufacturing and distribution businesses can ensure compliance and provide actionable information. To learn more about the services HRSS offers manufacturers and distributors, contact us.



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