The unique need to be accountable to taxpayers and regulators places huge stress on local, state, and federal governmental entities.

More than any business, government entities must preserve their reputation and integrity. Transparency rules, press scrutiny, and internal audits can turn a simple accounting error into a public scandal. For good or bad, government agencies and organizations are often held to an impossibly high standard.

HRSS has worked with governmental clients from all levels of government in all fields of government services. HRSS meets the needs of public sector organizations by providing indisputable financial data along with rigorous recordkeeping to maintain compliance with governing regulations.

HRSS’s clients include government agencies and public services funded by the government, including:

  • Local, state, and federal departments and agencies
  • Government corporations
  • Public education providers, such as school districts, public schools, and public universities
  • Public service administrators, such as recreation centers, senior centers, health clinics, and libraries
  • Participants in government programs, such as public housing, private educational institutions, and research laboratories
  • Community clinics
  • Public employee retirement fund administrators

Governmental entities shoulder a nearly impossible mandate: provide high-quality government services on a budget. Moreover, governmental organizations must police both internal and external sources of waste and fraud. HRSS understands government clients require a unique combination of auditing, financial advising, and accounting services.

Compounding the difficulty for government entities is the burden on state and local governments to balance their budgets regardless of the economic situation. This creates a severe budgetary burden on government agencies because the demand for government services often skyrockets when the economy and tax revenues are at their worst.

HRSS understands the economic, compliance, and transparency issues facing government organizations at the local, state, and federal levels. HRSS can act as the trusted advisor to improve internal controls and assure balanced budgets while providing an independent voice during audits.


Let us help you navigate through the challenges of industry uncertainties.


Services for Government Clients


HRSS understands the extraordinary pressure on government clients to comply with audit requirements and oversight arising from executive orders, legislation, and regulations. We can provide the accurate and complete audits and reviews necessary for compliance, including:

  • Financial statement and compliance audits
  • Yellow book performance audits

Risk Assessment and Internal Control Evaluations

Evaluate and test internal controls to detect fraud, waste, and the risks that allow fraud and waste to occur.

Long-Term Planning

HRSS helps its government clients plan for policy constraints and economic conditions that might impact budgets. We can help our clients develop cost-containment assessments.

Streamlining Government Services

HRSS can provide insight into a government organization’s performance and spending to identify areas that can be improved. HRSS uses tools like indirect cost allocation plans to help government clients assess the true costs and returns from government programs.

Boost Operational Performance with HRSS

HRSS can provide the financial data and audit services to remain compliant with U.S. Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards (GAGAS), U.S. Office of Management and Budget (OMB) audit regulations, or audit standards outlined in federal, state, or local government statutes.

HRSS also understands that a financial audit is only the beginning of a government’s efforts to fulfill its mission while remaining within its budget. HRSS’s government services help governmental entities optimize their ability to serve the public and earn their trust.

HRSS services not only help government organizations meet their audit requirements but also help them to perform optimally. To learn more about how HRSS serves government organizations and entities, contact us.



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