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The real estate industry is undergoing unprecedented changes – and, in the faltering U.S. economy, stability remains elusive.

It was once thought that the real estate industry could only go up in the long term. This was, unfortunately, proven wrong. In the years since the real estate bubble burst in 2008, the real estate industry has changed dramatically. Lenders are not as free with loans. Valuations of real estate are more conservative.

HRSS understands that the real estate industry is very challenging. However, to truly profit, real estate businesses need to know their financial state. Cash can become locked up in properties and leave businesses without the liquidity needed to operate. Worse yet, the market can be volatile, occasionally leaving no way to dispose of these assets without losing money.

HRSS’s accounting and tax services provide the financial data real estate businesses need for day-to-day operations and major moves. Without an accurate and complete financial picture, a real estate business can stagnate or fail. However, an accurate and complete financial picture fosters growth and can position real estate businesses to capitalize on opportunities as they arise.

Real estate businesses that benefit from HRSS’s services include:

  • Commercial and residential real estate developers
  • Real estate owners
  • Real estate brokers
  • Real estate investors
  • Property management companies
  • Real estate investment trusts (REITs)

The needs of real estate businesses differ from those of other businesses. Real estate businesses are often asset rich but cash poor. HRSS understands that this is not necessarily a recipe for success. Instead, a real estate business needs to balance assets and cash flow.

Real estate businesses are essentially financial businesses. Management of their assets and cash flow can determine their profitability. With good financial data from HRSS, a real estate business can be on the path to success.


Let us help you navigate through the challenges of Real Estate industry uncertainties.


How HRSS Serves Real Estate Businesses

Financial Reporting

HRSS generates financial statements, financial statement reviews, and financial statement compilations to keep real estate businesses and investors apprised of the business’s performance.

HRSS provides monthly accounting support and conducts valuation of assets to provide accurate and complete financial data.

Audit and Assurance

HRSS conducts financial statement audits for lenders and, in the case of public companies, securities regulators.

Advisory Services

HRSS guides real estate clients through every stage of the real estate cycle. We also advise real estate businesses in structuring deals to provide the greatest profitability.

Long-Term Planning

HRSS can develop tax plans to take advantage of tax laws’ treatment of real estate and buildings to reduce tax liability. We can also develop financial structures to project, analyze, and manage cash flow.

Risk Management

HRSS creates risk management strategies and develops and tests internal controls to minimize risk.

Streamline Operations

HRSS develops actionable financial information to eliminate inefficiencies and streamline operations.

Build a Valuable Real Estate Portfolio with HRSS

Real estate businesses are motivated to acquire and develop real estate assets. However, assets are only as valuable as the real estate business’s ability to monetize them. By creating structures to manage cash flow and providing accurate and complete financial data, HRSS helps real estate businesses make smart decisions and take advantage of opportunities to increase their portfolio.

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